me and him


"and we didn’t talk after that" is probably the saddest thing to say


they’re so cute /sobs



For the bunny lovers:) (via *** by Yuriy Korotun / 500px)


I really want to see what the biggest fandom on Tumblr is!


Spirited Away (2001)
↳ 1 / ? studio ghibli series

Y’all… I’m like nervous/scared for these next few months…

So I know that when I am in a relationship, I really like having a lot of attention from my partner; otherwise seen as “needy.” It’s totes true tbh. So with my boyfriend going back to school and whatnot, I just know that not getting time with him or really to speak to him is going to get to me… Especially after all the time I had with him over the summer. It’s just I know I’m going to be thinking irrationally and making negative assumptions and I really hope I don’t let it get to me and do something rash… It’s just, the last thing I want is to hurt our relationship… I mean I understand that he will be busy and have a lot on his plate but with so much time on my hands and not as much to preoccupy myself, I’m definitely going to feel the loneliness…

Then again, this could be the ghosts of my pasts getting to me… Very much a possibility…


H.E. by Mango August 2014 Lookbook